Why Do You Need ScienceLab

The Gap: Science curriculum today focuses more on theories, laws and formulae than on exploration, observations and deductions.

Bridges the disconnect between concepts and their application

Ignites interest in science and science-related fields

Encourages understanding over rote-learning

Our Philosophy

Science is best understood when it is applied.

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

- Confucius

Concrete Experience

Engaging in an activity or experiencing a new event

Reflective Observation

Reflecting on the activity or experience where one observes different causes and their effects

Abstract Conceptualization

Conceptualizing and developing the relation between causes and effects

Active Experimentation

Deciding what to do differently and putting it into action

ScienceLab has been created based on the experiential learning theory propounded by David Kolb.

ScienceLab the Ultimate Experiential Learning Solution for 21st Century Schools

Components of ScienceLab


  • 100+ hands-on activities for Grades I–X
  • Instructional videos
  • Personal student kits and workbooks


  • 50+ simulations for Grades VI–X
  • Interactive models amplify understanding of real-world phenomena

Planning and

  • Teacher Manuals for efficient implementation
  • Lab plans for all chapters for Grades I–X
  • Usage reports for tracking the tasks of teachers and student

Virtual Activities
and Experiments

  • 150+ virtual activities for Grades IV–X
  • 400+ experiments for Grades VI–X
  • NCERT-prescribed experiments for Grades IX-X

The instructional videos are also available in app

Science Explorer Kit for Every Budding Scientist

The age and grade appropriate kits are designed to enable each learner to experience the testing, exploration and application of various science concepts.


100 science experiments

Available for Grades I–X

10 Activities per grade

Each experiment interlinks 4–5 concepts

Hands-on Activities

The guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) recommend the use of hands-on activities to impart science lessons as they help students gain an understanding of abstract concepts.

Hands-on Activity Kit

Hands-on Activity Kit

The pedagogically sound activity kits help students explore scientific concepts and apply those in their lives. Each kit consists of a set of 10 unique activities, aimed towards letting students experience science in real life.



A manual-cum-workbook for each student to record their observations and inferences. Schools can make workbook notes a part of their formative assessment framework. There are also various kinds of reports like Individual Student Reports, Teachers Reports and Management Reports.

nstructional Videos

Instructional Videos

High-quality instructional videos not only help students to complete the activities but also explain the science concepts and relate them to their day-to-day life.

Virtual Lab

Hands-on learning has its limitations. Every concept cannot be applied effectively. For instance, a student cannot check the effect of gravitational forces on the mass of an object. Our virtual labs come to the rescue.

Virtual Activities

These are the computer based activities through which students can reinforce the concept learnt in class and relate them to real life.

Virtual Experiments

The step-wise experiments performed in a virtual lab setup include the NCERT prescribed experiments along with an additional set designed by our subject matter experts.


Students can validate concepts by exploring the effect of change in various parameters on a concept/entity. It helps a student test concepts for almost infinite possibilities.

ScienceLab Meets All Learning Outcomes

  • From Facts to Experiment
    Evaluating students based on their ability to memorise facts hinders their intellectual or cognitive growth. Application of concepts in ScienceLab puts the spotlight back on observation and experimentation and helps students gain a thorough understanding of concepts and retain concepts for a longer time.
  • Hands-on Activities, Virtual Simulations and More
    By actively participating in the learning process, the present generation is prepared to become problem-solvers, collaborators and fearless inventors.
  • One-stop Science Solution
    Conforming to the guidelines of the NCF, ScienceLab has all the science-related solutions in one place, including resource kits, workbooks, instructional videos, lab plans and more.

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